Aug 11, 2016

Hero Schenanigans

The Hero Exhibition 2016 kicked off to a roaring evening of art, roller derby girls and a packed Friends of Design venue. This was our largest exhibition thus far featuring 20 pieces in total from 19 artists.

Anwar Davids

After the opening, we moved the exhibition to City Hall for the Open Design Cape Town festival. The event so far has been fantastic, with tons of interest in the artists and the Hero event itself. We’re thrilled to be bringing the expo to a wider audience and are so grateful that Open Design could accommodate us.

We are also very fortunate to showcase the exhibition this morning on the Expresso Breakfast Show with our fabulous host Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp.

The Hero expo at Open Design runs until 16 August 2016. If you haven’t already, go check out the exhibition and all the other fantastic projects at the festival.

Some of the artists whose work you can expect at the exhibition:

Nicholas Rix

Danielle Albertyn

Nic Hoekstra

Michelle Anne Kao

Cobus Nienaber

Leon van Vreden

Ash Ah-Sing

Kerry Hugill

Kit Beast

Peter Woodbridge

Ryan Carolisen

Arivaldo de Oliveira

Kelsie Blake

Nick l'Ange

Stephanie Simpson

Luis Tolosana

Leandra de Sousa

kEda Gomes

Jul 5, 2016

4th Annual Hero Exhibition

Last Friday saw 20 artists come together for the 4th annual hero workshop in preparation for the Hero Exhibition held in August.

First established in 2013 by a group of comic loving artists who see the world as full of amazing superheroes, each with their own unique super powers. The HERO expo set out to empower and gather artists who shared the same love for comics. The artists then express this “love” on different materials/ platforms ranging from vinyl toys, skateboards, custom scooter tyres and this year, “sneaker-skates” turning ordinary material into extraordinary works of art!

The workshop was an informal gathering of the artists, to guide them on their customising journey. At the end of the workshop the artists took home their platforms so that they could spend the following month creating some spectacular creations to exhibit at the HERO expo launch, happening at Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts during First Thursdays, 4 August 2016.

The expo will then move to the Cape Town city hall on 10 August to present the stunning pieces at the Open Design Festival for the full period of 11 days being exposed to hundreds of people visiting the festival.

Many thanks to Butler's Pizza for once again sponsoring the Hero Workshop! As ever the pizzas went down spectacularly well.

Nov 6, 2015

Tyre Inspiration

There are so, so many ways that tyres can be transformed – not just into art pieces but even into useful and functional item:

But these are by no means the only ‘categories’ or ‘things’ you can do with tyres – the very medium challenges you to explore and push boundaries!

Also for those of you who wanted to know what that fantastic gloss spray was that was used on most of the Munnys it is Ghiant Varnishh20 – gloss (which you can get from most Deckle Edge stores).